All water companies in the UK are regulated by several Government bodies which audit and report on our performance each year.

Ofwat (Water Services Regulation Authority)

Our economic regulator which monitors our business performance and sets the prices we charge customers. It is responsible for ensuring we provide a good-quality, efficient service at a fair price.

Every five years Ofwat agrees a new business plan with water companies to determine how much can be spent on improving services, and the level of customers' bills needed to achieve this.

The Environment Agency

Our environmental regulator and grants abstraction licences which set limits on how much water we can take from water sources. It also sets discharge standards to help improve the quality of the environment. These standards are driven by both UK and European legislation.

The DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate)

An independent organisation which enforces the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations and monitors the quality of drinking water we supply, to ensure it is safe to drink.

The Consumer Council for Water

Set up by Ofwat and represents the views of water and sewage customers in England and Wales.

Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)

Deals with all policy issues related to water and the Water Fitting Regulations.

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