It's no secret that being wise with your water can save your business money. Here are our top tips to help you save water, energy and money this summer. 

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We're offering all of our business customers the chance to cut their utility bills with our free water saving gadgets.

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Water efficiency tips

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At South East Water we want to help you reduce your water usage and help the environment in the process. That’s why we're offering a free water efficiency audit on the plumbing system in your premises.

First, we'll calculate your average daily usage, taking into account previous meter reads and hours of business. Then, one of our experts will visit the address on a pre-arranged appointment and see what measures can be put into place to help you save water and money.

While we're at your property, we'll also check to make sure your plumbing has been correctly installed and doesn’t pose a hazard to the quality of the drinking water we supply. A full report will be provided of the audit for your records.

To apply for this free service, please enter your details below.

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Show water some love and leave your brown lawn alone

A brown lawn is something to be proud of in a water scarce area, which is why we've made posters for you to put in your lawns to show off how water efficient you are. With the summer here we can expect a bit more sunshine on our lovely lawns, but there is no need to constantly water them using hoses or sprinkler systems. 

Grass is one of the most resilient plants in the world and can easily bounce back from being a bit browner than usual when the wetter weather returns. You can see and download the poster below. To get a ready-made signpost sent to your business free-of-charge, fill out the form below.


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