Our charges scheme covers the period from 1 April to 31 March each year. Our final charges are published in accordance with the wholesale charging rules.


Charges 2022/23

Statement of significant changes

Charges 2021/22

Household Charges Scheme 2021/22


Wholesale Tariff Document 2021/22

Board assurance statement for Wholesale Charges 2021/22

Access Code 2020

Statement of significant changes 2021/22

Charging arrangements for new connection services 2020/2021

Wholesale charges schedule 2021/22

Board Assurance Statement 2021/2022

Board Assurance Statement Wholesale NHH Indicative Charges 2021/22

New Apps and Variations Pricing 2021/22

Infrastructure Charge 2021/22

Board Assurance Statement for New Connection Services 2021/22

Statement of Significant Changes January 2021

Wholesale Non-Household Indicative Charges 2021/22

Charges 2020/21

Board Assurance Statement

Infrastructure charge and miscellaneous 2020/2021

Charging arrangements for new connection services 2020/2021

NAV bulk supply charges 2020/21

Board assurance statement

Wholesale tariff document

Wholesale charges schedule

New connections charges summary

Access Code 2019

Wholesale Non-Household Board Assurance Statement

Wholesale Non-Household Indicative Charges

Charges 2019/20

New Connection Board Assurance statement 2019-2020

Charging Arrangements for new connection services 2019-2020

Infrastructure charge and miscellaneous services 2019-2020

Wholesale charges schedule 2019/20

Wholesale tariff document 2019/20

Board Assurance statement October 2018

Statement of significant changes January 2019

New Appointments and Variations Pricing 2019/20

Non-Household Indicative Charges 2019


Wholesale board assurance statement 2019/20

Statement of significant changes July 2018

Charges 2018/19

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Charging arrangements for new connection services 2018/19

Wholesale charges schedule 2018/19

Board assurance statement 2018/19

New Appointments and Variations Pricing 2018

Infrastructure charge and miscellaneous services

Wholesale tariff document 2018/19

Wholesale assessed charges 2018/19

Board assurance statement for new connection services

Statement of significant changes 2018

Non-household indicative charges 2018/19

Charges 2017/18

Wholesale charges scheme 2017-2018

Statement of significant changes 2017

Wholesale tariff document 2017-18

Board assurance statement 2017

Access code 2017


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