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Is the wholesaler open to selling metering data?

No. Although we are happy to agree sharing data where either party log a customer meter.

Who does the wholesaler currently use to read meter data?

We currently use a meter reading company called Meter U. Their contact details are: 0345 666 4422 (between 08:00 and 16:30).

What is the AMR coverage of the wholesalers estate?

Approximately 24,000 .

What is the data logger coverage of the wholesalers estate?

118 commercial loggers are currently in place (82 in our Western area and 36 in our Eastern area)

How many Non Household customers are in the wholesaler area?

55,000 approximately.

How many meters are read bi-annually?

48,000 approximately.

How many meters are read monthly?

3,000 approximately – based on consumption.

How many unmeasured NHH customers are there in the wholesaler region?


What is the meter replacement policy for the wholesaler?

If your customer’s water meter is broken or has stopped then we will complete a free replacement or repair.

Will the wholesaler contribute to meter installs?

All unmetered properties will have been surveyed by October 2016 to see if a water meter can be fitted. We will free issue water meters for installation.

At premises where we have been unable to install a water meter, the customer can decide to alter their pipework to enable a meter to be installed. We will also free issue water meters for installation in this situation.

What IT middleware will the wholesaler be using for MOSL transactions and bilateral?

For the Transactions, South East Water will be using a tool called Data Services, which is part of our existing Business Objects Suite. 

With regards to Bilateral the Wholesales will offer Forms on the Website through Shadow period, and from Market Opening we will complement this with API functionality (for the handling of bulk requests from Retailers). 

We’re also looking at developing ‘smart’ forms to enable validation and simplify the population process - but this work will depend on request volumes (unknown at this point) and development costs. These requests will arrive in Service Desk and work orders will be raised in Maximo (our operational system).

Will the wholesaler be using any sort of web portal for retailers to access?

Yes, we have developed an Interruptions Portal for Retailers to access. It will list all planned and unplanned works as well as our Engineering Schemes.

What communication lines does the wholesaler envisage during incidents and unplanned events?

We will provide regular and useful updates on our Interruptions Portal. Our Portal also has the option to LiveChat us and Retailers will be able to speak to us via this communication to raise questions. Our Service Desk can be telephoned during working hours and our Control Centre can be contacted for out of hour emergencies.

Is the wholesaler carrying out any proactive data quality validations?

Yes, we have a temporary Data Cleansing Team in place.

How confident is the wholesaler regarding their data?

We are very confident with our data quality (around 85-95% of all fields).

What format does the wholesaler envisage performance reporting / management?

We will undertake a monthly report on our responses to Service Level Agreements via our Interruptions Portal.

Is the wholesaler open to using accredited entities?

Yes for certain activities.

What is the wholesaler policy on vacant charging?

This is detailed in our Wholesale Charges.

What is the wholesaler policy on gap sites?

We will be monitoring the amount of properties identified as a gap site. We anticipate for there to be some movement until eligibility has been defined. There is no incentive to be given at the moment but this will be reviewed at a later date.


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